1. Bria’s 13 Birthday ;) #PARRTTTYY !

  2. Birthday Dinner ;)

  3. Get it naenae ;) #Family

  4. Haterz going CRAZY , ;) !

  5. a SNIPPET ;) ! #Readyyy ?

  6.  my name is reginae but you can call me baby carter they love me and
    they hate cuz im Wezzy F. daughter yea ima brat and i think it’s my
    world and I’m stunting like my daddy cuz daddy’s little girl when i
    walk up in the spot upgrade room and if you standing next to me i ill up grade you too my mommy keep me flawless and my daddy keep me paid they know lawless
    when i don’t get my way get what i want and i fight till i win wait
    what do i want for my birthday a laptop and and a benz i thinkin bout you boy im spoiled with big toys OMG im gettin money we gettin we gettin money i like going shoppin and my favorite color is yellow it’s always its always raining on me that’s why i keep my umbrella and ill be stunting like my daddy (yeah) stunting like my daddy (yeah) stunting
    like my daddy ill be stunting like my daddy you already know ;)

  7. ;) i love THIS STILL ! ;

  8. Reginae’s Phone Case :)

    Reginae’s Phone Case :)

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